Withdrawal Agreement Family Members


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(1) Both parents are Union citizens or United Kingdom nationals (as the case may be) (even within the personal framework of the Agreement, see above, e.B. a German banker and his Austrian spouse residing in the United Kingdom)(2) one of the parents is a Union citizen or a British national (as the case may be) (within the scope of the Agreement, see above) and the other is a national of the host Member State, z. You must take a copy of your British family member`s residence document with you, as well as proof of your relationship with them. In addition, for the purposes of the Withdrawal Agreement, the term `family members` also includes: the Withdrawal Agreement protects all EU citizens who were in a situation at the end of the transition period in which the United Kingdom and a Member State were involved at the same time. Family members and survivors are also protected. Example: Jane and John live in Düsseldorf and are married. Jane is a British and Italian citizen. John is an American citizen. When the couple moved to Germany, Jane presented her British passport to the authorities. She was not asked for her Italian nationality and she did not declared it. John received a residence card from the Aliens Registration Office, which was issued to him as a family member of an EU citizen. John knows that he has a right of residence even after Brexit, on the one hand after the withdrawal agreement, because his wife is British, and on the other hand because his wife is also Italian and therefore an EU citizen. He makes an appointment with the immigration office for her and Jane, and Jane presents her Italian passport.

The Immigration Office now knows that he is the husband of an Italian and therefore continues to have the right to free movement under EU law. .

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