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Now the grammar is the same, but all these years later, many students make the same mistake by forgetting the “third person,” which is the curse of English teachers around the world. When working on your work, turn the theme and verb into each sentence. Do they agree? If you missed the last post, read here the opportunity to earn a place in Macmillan`s online course for Advanced English and EAP. Few people participated, so you have a very good chance of having access to these interactive learning activities for a year. If students stop making subject-verb conformity mistakes, I`ll stop talking about them! Compliance with the subject is easy to verify. Here are some typical student mistakes: Mr. Brown gets up at seven o`clock and drives to work. ? When you first learned English all these years ago, you didn`t learn things like: Harley et al (1995) claim that the cost of public transport has risen faster than the cost of car travel. Smith (2007) points out that the real costs of driving have declined over the past decade. .

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